Tiffany Williams

A coal miner’s daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter from Eastern Kentucky, Tiffany Williams lives in Nashville, where she writes songs and fiction. She is the recipient of the 2011 Jean Ritchie Fellowship for Appalachian Writing and the 2017 Denny C. Plattner Award for fiction. Her debut album, When You Go, was released in January 2019 and reached No. 15 on the North American College and Community Radio Folk Chart and No. 12 on the Folk DJ Chart.


What People Are Saying About When You Go

“Not only is the language smart and sharp, but it lies down with the music like a couple spooning. […] All the songs were impressive, but the title track from her EP was extraordinary. It dissected the push-and-pull of a mountain home—how it pushes you away to better opportunities, how it pulls you back with its memories.” - Geoffrey Himes, Paste Magazine

“If twenty minutes and five songs act as the audition, WHEN YOU GO is a wonderful introduction to an artist well-equipped to make serious moves in the world of country-folk.” - Three Chords & The Truth UK

“[…]this could easily be a folk music boom era record when the real stuff was hanging out at street corner country stores not worrying about being discovered. Deep and on the money, this is a gal you are going to be hearing more of once Nashville gets down to business. Well done.” - Midwest Record

“Williams’ collection of songs on When You Go is a fitting tribute to her home in the Appalachian Mountains, the singer-songwriter bleeds a genuine fire that’s hard to not fall in love with because of its attention to detail, but also it’s a willingness to let the heart do the talking instead of flash.” - Farce the Music 

“Tiffany Williams should be mentioned in the same breath as Jason Isbell, Tyler Childers, and John Moreland. She is that great of a singer-songwriter.” - Tuned Up

“Cathartic, redemptive, and mournful, the less-is-more brilliance of Kentucky singer and songwriter Tiffany Williams is distilled like a strong spirit on her new release, When You Go. In the same way Lucinda Williams is rural Louisiana writ large, or Townes and Texas share a palpable geist, Williams' songs are the incarnate of the hopes and despair of the Appalachian sun and shadow she calls home.” - Hill Country Artists

“It’s always a strange feeling to hear something in a song that you can relate so strongly to and almost feel like you wrote it, but instead it was a complete stranger that penned those words. That’s what being a good songwriter is about and that’s why this album has struck such a chord with me. Because it’s a real, raw and relatable piece of work.” - Splice Media Group

“Tiffany’s vocals remind me of two artists that I happen to love. A cross between Emmylou Harris and Tina Dico. Her voice is powerful, but she refrains from fully unleashing it, using it to act as punctuation for the moments and points that she wants to make.” - Capture Kentucky

“Tiffany Williams is an American singer-songwriter from Nashville, performing a traditional form of folk that is truly beautiful in nature. Latest release “When I’m Gone” reminds us of the great folk singers of the 60s.” - York Calling

“The singer-songwriter is also a writer of fiction which echoes in the storytelling sensibility present in her lyrics. “Big Enough To Be A Mountain” has a pastoral beauty built into the stripped-down sonic landscape and Williams’ voice moves between earthen and ethereally, depending on the verse.” - YabYum Music + Arts

“If there is a true reflection overall of the beauty and soul of Appalachia, Tiffany Williams has showcased it with “When You Go.” Her vocals have a slight hint of Suzy Boguss and Holly Dunn, but she has made them her own.” - Kentucky Country Music

“The grit and guts of her upbringing are in every strummed guitar string and sighed vocal of her music. Home is never far from her mind, or her pen. Containing songs and stories rooted deep in the heart of the place that built her, these five songs are an illuminating introduction to a promising songwriter.” - Highway Queens

“Every song on this EP by Tiffany Williams tears me down in the best way. The more I listen to it, the more I hear all the layers. These songs articulate the Appalachian experience better than just about anything I've ever heard, but also transcend that with their universal themes of longing in its many varieties. Rarely has a record ever moved me as deeply.”

- New York Times Bestselling Author Silas House

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